Best  Gluten Free Birthday Cake Ever!

Best Gluten Free Birthday Cake Ever!

Best Gluten Free Birthday Cake Ever!

Hands down the best gluten free birthday cake has to be a fresh fruit cake!

What a fruit cake for a children’s party ?

Yep! A fresh fruit cake ! One that is actually cool because it’s fresh, colourful, smells great, juicy and fun to make. Oh yes and it’s inclusive.

No need to have that anxiety about whether it’s okay for the children and guests at the party because it’s gluten free, egg free, nut free Cassiene free, dairy free, high calorie free ( I’ll stop there).

2 years ago I introduced this cake to all of the children at the long day centre I manage because I had so many children with food restrictions and quite personally (and professionally) I know how their little hearts sink when they can’t eat that cake that every other child gets to it. 

After a couple of trialled attempts with the children they all absolutely loved them… every single child (and teacher too of course) and every single child got to participate in parties and eat the cake and enjoy every colourful juicy part of these cakes. And so from then on this is the only type of cake we accept at the centre and 2 years later it’s just as a big of a hit than the ones beforehand. 

The parents now and then scratch their head about how to construct it but we always tell them that they can be as simple as they like or as creative as they wish and each time, each cake, every age from 0-5 years, every birthday it brings that smile to the children’s face. 
I would like to say I invented this but I think it’s been secretly done for years because if you google image “Fresh Fruit Cakes birthday” you will get hundreds of photos to get you started along - grab some bamboo sticks or tooth picks to pin things together and get creative.

Oh and a tip …. Don’t be expecting to take any cake home for left overs …. From experience, every bit will be demolished…



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