Squishough®Scented Play Dough - Lovely Lavender

$11.00 AUD

Squishough® Scented Play Dough - Lovely Lavender

This is part of the Essentials Calming set which is designed with a focus on some additional oils and essences and soft colours that are calming. The Essential Calming set has a range of sensory benefits beautifully soft aromas, oils and some dried leaves for everyone to enjoy and benefit.  

Placed in recyclable containers that is dishwasher proof, labelled, and tamper evident for safe keeping.

Squishough® Scented Dough is an exclusive premium gluten free play dough made, Endorsed by Coeliac Australia and packed in small batches using only gluten free food grade ingredients in a gluten free safe kitchen.

Made and owned by Gluten Free Kids Co which is Australian owned and made with love.

 The Squishough® Scented Play dough's featured in the Essential Calming Set include:

-Squishough® Relaxing Vanilla White is a very pleasant smell it’s designed it's able to calm the body while energizing the mind.

-Squishough® Lovely Lavender is designed to help calm nerves and decrease feelings of anxiety.

-Squishough® Cool Blue Mint is designed to enhance thinking and is energising.

-Squishough® Rosie Pink is designed to comforts the mind and has a relaxing effect.

*Please note that play dough colours may slightly vary in shade for each fresh batch.