Squishough® Scented Play dough-Essentials Primary colours.

$20.00 AUD

Get over 25% off  by selecting this range as a bundle instead of seperate colours.
Squishough® Scented Play dough-Essentials Primary colours.  

Squishough®  Scented Dough is an exclusive gluten free play dough made and packed in small batches using only gluten free food grade ingredients in a gluten free safe kitchen.

The Essentials Primary Colours is designed for the starter packs or those looking at making their own colours to create.  

 The 4 Squishough ® Scented Play dough's  featured in this set:

-Squishough™ Bubble Gum Blue.

-Squishough™ Raspberry Red.

-Squishough™ Banana Yellow.

-Squishough™ Vanilla White for making lighter shades.

*Please note that play dough colours may slightly vary in shade for each fresh batch. 

What else is in the Essentials Primary Set. 

  • A cutting Bamboo tools.
  • Coloured straws 
  • bio glitter
  • all in a gift box