Squishough™ Playdough Care Instructions

The Squishough™ wooden tools are made from Australian pine wood and are slightly treated with linseed oil.

If Squishough ™ dough gets stuck on the wooden tools we recommend that you use a warm damp cloth to rub off the dough. If the dough gets stuck in a pine wood shape presser you can also use a small scrub brush or a spare toothbrush. If the dough has dried you can easily scrape it off with a butter knife.

Leave on the benchtop in sunlight to air dry. Please note, there is no need to sue any soaps to clean these tools.

It is not recommended that you soak the wooden tools in water as it will damage the pine wood long term.

If your Squishough ™ dough gets left out for a long time and it feels hard, you can bring it back to life by squishing the dough repeatedly in your hand and squeezing it over and over for 2 minutes. The dough has a good amount of natural oils and this is very handy for when it dries out on the surface.

If after a few minutes of squishing it doesn’t quite bring it back to life, grab some natural cooking oil, make a ball with the dough, press a finger in the middle to make a dent and pour a couple of drops of oil in before working the dough again.

When your dough has met its time and you want to discard it, place it in the green lidded bin, or fogo as it is a bio-degradable and kitchen grade product for council composting.