What’s the problem with Wheat (Gluten) based Play dough?

Studies have shown that merely touching wheat can cause an allergic reaction for some children or make a coeliac child unwell. If you’re among that group, then patting play dough is harmful if your play dough contains wheat rye barley or oats.

Most people, however, won’t have reactions from touching the dough; the problems come when child ingests it. Individuals with a wheat allergy may go into anaphylactic shock. For people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or gluten intolerance consuming play dough containing wheat may lead to diarrhea, bloating, severe fatigue, headaches, and joint pain, which are only some of the possible complications.

It is very typical for toddlers and young children to try to take a bite out of their play dough whilst roleplaying with the dough or feeling curious which is why it’s important to stick to using gluten-free play dough. Let’s face it  even if your children are older, gluten will get all over their hands if they play with wheat-containing doughs.

You know what happens next: Those hands will end up in their mouth.

And if the kids are using Play-Doh (or other play dough brands that contain gluten) while eating a snack, you’re basically guaranteeing that they will ingest gluten whilst eating their food.

And then there’s the parental hovering and stress and  worry that something may happen which ends up being a non stop reminder of caution to the child and a very strong scrub of the hands and nails.  When the purpose of Play dough actually being an open ended, fun and carefree experience it is quickly diminished and hence not that fun at all. 

Why choose Squishough Scented Play Dough?
  • Take the stress out of your child being sickened and contaminated by gluten or wheat. 
  • Bring the fun back to a childhood classic.
  • Certified gluten free by regular testing by Food Authority labs. 
  • Only market gluten free  play dough in made in Australia. Squishough is 100% made and owned. 
  • Endorsed by Coeliac Australia 
  • Non Toxic 
  • Soft, Fun and Squishy.
  • 15 Familiar and calm Scents and colours.
  • Biodegradable – Pop it into the green bin after many months of use!
  • Inclusive because it allows most if not all children to explore and use it.
  • Reusable for up to 6 months.
  • Colourful
  • Premium Food Grade Ingredients.
  • Provides hours of imaginative, fine motor and sensory play.
  • Packed in a tamper proof labelled container for added safety and reassurance.
What's the minimum age to use Squishough Scented Play Dough?

It is recommended for kids 2 years up.

Is Squishough Scented Play Dough gluten free?

Yes, it is!!!

It is safe for all children with Coeliac disease, Dermatitis herpetifromis, Gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, wheat free and all of their family and friends to share and use together.

What is Squishough Playdough made of?

It is a special blend of ingredients  made of a mixture of Premium kitchen grade goodies including, gf flours, salts, coconut oil, water, flavour’s and food colouring.  The dough is prepared for by a family of Gluten free members and in their gluten free safe kitchen. 

What makes Squishough Scented Play Dough different from other doughs?

It is the only commercial sold gluten free product made in Australia. It is all natural ingredients.

Is it safe for my child ton munch on it and eat?
Squishough™ is only food grade ingredients and natural materials so it is as safe and smells great, but the salty taste will deter children from eating large consumptions. As the dough is not a food listed item and art item, we encourage them to be supervised and not ingest too much.
What is the best way to keep my Squishough Dough fresh and lasting?

We have made our dough in stackable tamper evident containers to keep them fresh, soft and squishy. Once opened you can keep them in these containers in a cool dry place or alternatively in other airtight containers or sandwich bags.

Squishough™  does not dry out and can be kept out for hours without drying, if it does you can add a drop of any cool cooking oil safe for your child or a couple/few drops of water. 
How long does it last once open?

It is best to dispose of Squishough minimum after 6 months from opening to avoid cross contamination and bacteria and you should store it with a lid in a cool dry place or in the fridge