Calming Bundle set of 2
$20.00 AUD

Welcome to Gluten Free Kids Co.

Gluten Free Kids Co™ is a new Australian owned online business offering safe, fun and educational resources to Gluten Free Children. ... and thier friends.

It has been founded by an Early Childhood teacher, A coeliac herself and a mum to children who also need to be gluten free.

We want children to know that being gluten free is a superpower and to provide opportunities for children to play, dream and create whilst feeling great. We also want to provide them with tools and resources that will help them navigate being gluten free amongst their family, friends and teachers.


Since my middle son was diagnosed as coeliac, it's been hard to find decent play dough for him to play with, which was really hard as he absolutely loves playing with it! Thanks for creating such beautiful and thoughtful gift boxes that can be enjoyed by kids who need to be gluten free - my coeliac son no longer feels like he's missing out. The easter dough boxes were wonderful, my boys loved the easter themed dough and the easter treats! The fizzy sand set was fantastic too, my eldest son had fun experimenting with the sand and potions! 

Anna A

I love this business! Such amazing service and good quality products! My kids LOVE the Fizzy sand and it's so easy to use, so they can play with it for so long without nagging me 🤣Great for gifting for other kids too!❤️


My little coeliac has loved playing with the squishough and fizzy sand. It has been tricky to find similar gluten free products and it was really needed as she was diagnosed at 14 months old and was at daycare full time - this would have been really handy at the time! We have just purchased the affirmation cards and this will be the perfect way to build her coeliac knowledge as we head into her school years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Erin. P

I bought the play dough for my daughters preschool as I was worried about contamination and inclusion. 

I’m just so grateful there are people like you doing what you do! The play dough is amazing! So beautiful! 

I took it all up to the preschool and the director loved it! 


There is nothing more satisfying than having my Coeliac son light up when he can be included in something so simple like play dough. The Squishough play dough is amazing and keeps so well for play over and over again.
Definitely recommend Gluten free kid co products, cannot fault at all!

Tamara. H

Coeliac household including twins and just amazing to have option to buy locally made good quality gluten free play dough.Thank you! The packaging and thoughtful additions for littles ones are also appreciated. Could not recommend more highly.

-Ines. R

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

My daughter is having lots of fun playing with her gluten-free play dough. The colours are great, and it feels just like play dough. We are an allergy family, and we always like to support businesses making positive changes for people with dietary restrictions.

-Sharon. G

Exclusive to Gluten Free Kids Co

Squishough™ is an exclusive range of gluten free scented Playdough and Fizzy Sand that is owned by Gluten Free Kids Co.
Created and designed by our very own Company Director Emily, it is a a range of sets for children to safely, freely, and creatively explore.

Coeliac Australia Endorsement

We are delighted to announce that Squishough™ Scented Play Dough and Fizzy Sand has been formally endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Being Gluten Free is our Super Power!