Silicone wrist bands-triples

$11.00 AUD

Introducing the new triple sets of silicone bands perfect for children and tweens Who are gluten with a fun twist.

The Children’s silicone wrist band designed to bring some awareness and a band of armour and pride. Exclusive to only Gluten Free Kids Co customers and only 100 available it is sure to be popular. 

The bands can fit a child up to the age of 15 years of age and is unisex colours or they Can be worn layered.


1. Being gluten free is my superpower! (With an armour and lighting strike icons in each side). 

 2.Gluten Free for Me!


 1. Keep calm- Eat Gluten Free

2. Life is sweet without the wheat 

3. Current mood- gluten free 

All bands have the words on the second sides: 

“gluten free kids co club x”  to encourage children to feel like they are part of a special group that f children.