Squishough™ FIZZY SAND FAQ

Why choose Squishough™ Fizzy Sand?
  • It is Gluten Free- Take the stress out of being sickened and contaminated by Gluten
  • Certified and tested by a Food Authority Lab
  • It is Endorsed by Coeliac Australia 
  • It is a magic and scientific experience 
  • 3 different sensory experiences Fluffy Sand, Squishy Sand and perfect Goop 
  • 3 Familiar and calm Scents and colours
  • Biodegradable – Pop it into the green bin after use!
  • Inclusive because all if not most children can play with it
  • 100% Australian Made and Owned
  • Premium Food Grade Ingredients
  • Provides hours of imaginative, fine motor and sensory play.
  • Packed in a tamper proof labelled package
  • You get 2 different packs in the kit.
  • Even the adults will enjoy it - It's just so satisfying !!!!! 
  • Bring the fun back to a childhood classic

Why is the Goop stage a little oily?


This is for a couple of reasons - it is so that in stage one of the fluffy sand you can make some sand mould together with tools or in your hand  AND in the goop stage it helps the goop from sticking to anything and wash off really easy.

There is no need to worry about the oil it is a food grade oil with a vegetable base.

Do I need to do all 3 stages of the sand?

Absolutely not! You can either choose to use the soft sand stage several times before moving to the other 2 stages or you can go straight to the goop stage.

What happens if I mix the 2 bags together at once and I want to make the perfect goop?

Use the second bottle of magic potion and have fun.

One bottle is intended for one 175 g pack of Fizzy sand to make the perfect goop.