Single Set 175g - Squishough® Magic Fizzy Sand Lo

$10.00 AUD
Color - Rose 🌹 Pink

 Squishough® Fizzy Sand is made using all gluten free kitchen grade ingredients including its magic potion addition and is all biodegradable and nontoxic.

This fun, sensory, calming and gluten free activity is designed for children to freely use to play, dream, and create!

It has 3 types of uses and you can choose it as you wish:
-soft sand
-fizzy sand

Just use your magic potion to take you to each stage

In each box set you get 1 set of 350 g of Fizz Sand and 2 bottles of 50ml bottles of magic potions.

What is Included:

  • Choose 1 of our 5 Fizzy Sands each with amazing colours and smells. 
  • 1 magic potion 
  • Bamboo spoons 
  • Dried petals 
  • a pipette to add the magic potions as you wish.
  • all bundles into a silver gift bag

*Please note that sand  colours may slightly vary in shade for each fresh batch.