Gluten Free Labels PACK B - 40 Labels -Pantry and Organising Labels

$11.00 USD

The Pantry and Organising labels made by Gluten Free Kids Co is here to help you get your pantry and items glammed up and organised. Gluten Free Labels make your gluten free home safer, neater, better! It will help others know which items are to be kept gluten free but with a gorgeous label to boot.

We are so excited to have these uniquely designed labels for gluten free families whether in their kitchens or on the go. The label colours and designs complement Gluten Free Kids Co logo colours, as well as being fun, stand out and being very practical for everyone.

The Labels are designed to be paired with learning about how to be gluten free safe, how to read labels and made in conjunction with our Pack of affirmation cards and the A-Z of gluten free foods (available in our shop) which is perfect whilst learning to be gluten free.

Details of the Labels:

-Waterproof and Dishwasher Proof.
-High quality gloss Vinyl material
-Gender Neutral and great for all ages.
-Temperature safe- can be used in fridge, cupboards, fry pan handles and outdoors.
-They are versatile and perfect for all types of pantries, containers, drink bottles, lunch boxes, cupboard doors, fridge compartments, and the toaster!

- Easily peeled off and reused. Best used directly on glass, metal, porcelain, and plastic. If placed on paper, then it may not be reusable.

The 20 Gluten Free substitute labels are perfect for any home and pantry whilst our “Gluten Free” round Labels are perfect for non-specific labelling, on the go items, and for other places that you visit regularly.

Our Pantry Labels Come in 4 different Packs




Pack B- Original Set

·        20 x “Gluten Free” Labels

(1 sheet, 3 designs, 4cm wide).

·        20x Specific Pantry Labels for substitute Gluten free food (1 sheet, 1 design 6cm x 3cm)

·        Detailed email on setting up your kitchens.



The prices include GST product, wrapping, shipping, postage and handling, and a detailed email on setting up your kitchens.


The 20 Specific Rectangular 6cm x 4cm Panty Labels include:

  1. Gluten Free Pasta
  2. Gluten Free Spaghetti
  3. Gluten Free Snacks
  4. Gluten Free Snacks
  5. Gluten Free Biscuits
  6. Gluten Free Biscuits
  7. Gluten Free Crackers
  8. Gluten Free Crackers
  9. Gluten Free Sauces
  10. Gluten Free Chips
  11. Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour
  12. Gluten Free Plain Flour
  13. Gluten Free Corn Flour
  14. Gluten Free Rice Flour
  15. Bread Crumbs
  16. Gluten Free Icing Sugar
  17. Gluten Free Cereal
  18. Gluten Free Cereal
  19. Gluten Free Toaster
  20. Gluten Free Bread Box

Care Instructions

Wipe down with a damp or dry cloth to clean.
Attach to dry and clean surface before placing on labels

Please Note:
-These are LABEL ONLY sets without storage tubs, jars or seen in pictures